Choose Your Own Price FAQ

Choose Your Own Price FAQ

Q. Can you choose your own price in the salons?

A. Unfortunately at this time this option is offered ONLINE exclusively.

Q. How does Choose your Own Price Work?

A. All prices shown are the suggested retail price of the product.  You have the option to either add the product to your cart for the suggested retail amount, or you can click the price box and change the price.   If the amount you entered is accepted the item will be placed in your cart automatically.  However, if the price you entered is too low, a message will pop up asking you to bid again.

Q. Am I able to change the quantity of items I want to purchase?

A. Unfortunately, at this time you are only able to add one item at a time to your cart.  If you would like to purchase multiple items, please select “add to cart” again.   We are currently working to fix this issue in order to make your trip to the Style Store a more enjoyable experience.

Q. Can i return an item?

A. Shipping and Returns

If you have any other questions about our Choose Your Own Price option or how we can make your shopping experience better, please email us at