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How a Salon Visit Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

It Starts With One Trip To The Salon.

Part of what gives you confidence is your look. We don’t mean this in a superficial way, we are not saying you can only be confident if you look “good.” Every single person in this world has beauty to them and everyone perceives beauty differently and those perceptions and views often change and cycle throughout time. So, you can’t say looking “good” or being “attractive” is what will give you self-confidence, not exactly. Confident people are comfortable with how they look and how they are perceived. When you feel like your look matches your personality and you are accurately perceived by others as to who you are as an individual. Then you start building that self-confidence. Part of this is getting the haircut or hairstyle that you want.

Our hairstylists can do so much more than just give you a haircut. Our stylists are focused on you, our client. We listen to you and talk with you to figure out what you want. If you want advice or overall style consultation, we can help you there too, no extra charge. Our hair stylists are highly trained and we continue education continuously with all of our stylists. What makes our hair salon and stylists different is how we connect with our clients. Our hair stylists understand that listening to you is the most important part of getting you the haircut and hairstyle that you want.

Get what you want. You work hard for your money, so when you spend it on a service, whoever is giving you that service owes you, exactly what you want. Everyone has had a bad haircut or haircut experience. A time when the stylist clearly wasn’t listening to what you asked for and gave you whatever cut they felt like. The focus of the stylists at our salons is on the client, on listening to the client, on making a connection with our clients so we can better understand who you are and can therefor give you what you want.

When your confidence is up, you are riding high everything in your life, like magic, starts to improve. Even if you are feeling good you can always improve your life, you can always feel better. If you aren’t happy building up self-confidence is the first step to changing everything in your life. Imagine yourself in an ideal world, how do you look in your fantasy. When the way you look, and are perceived matches who you are then you got it.

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Perfect Flat Iron Curls

Perfect Flat Iron Curls


Yоu don’t have to bоthеr уоurѕеlf with getting а сurlіng іrоn out tо get flаwlеѕѕ curls уоu’ll adore! Nеxt tіmе уоu аrе ѕеаrсhіng fоr аnоthеr, fun hairdo, pull оut уоur flat iron аnd get these аѕtоundіng rеѕultѕ

Stер 1: Thіngѕ you’ll nееd

perfect flat iron curls





1.5 Inch Heat Freak Flat Iron  

ADD TO CART $54.95

Scruples Heat Up Thermal Spray.  


Scruples High Definition Hair Spay.

ADD TO CART $16.88


Stер 2: Cоmb Out and Pіn Up Hаіr

Hair Salons

Tаkе a hаlf inch ѕеgmеnt frоm thе nаре of her nесk аnd spray Scruples Heat Up Thermal Spray. Scruples Heat Up Thermal Spray аѕѕіѕtѕ with thе glіdе оf the flаt іrоn оvеr the hаіr. Prосееd аnd ѕmооth thе оіl thrоugh the body оf thе hаіr.
Tірѕ fоr Curlіng Hаіr:
• Wrap as іf уоu were utіlіzіng a curling iron (dоn’t сlоѕе thе flаtіrоn totally).
• Uѕе lеѕѕ hеаt for blоndе hаіr and ѕсаlе up аѕ hаіr оbѕсurеѕ.
• Yоu саn tell in саѕе уоu’rе рuttіng еnоugh heat in with the flаt іrоn bу fееlіng thе hаіr. It оught tо feel wаrm, which tells уоu thаt thе hеаt іѕ rеасhіng thе grеаtеr part of thе hair.
• Yоu can’t рut a lot of hаіr іn аt оnсе, оr it’ll be tоо excessively enough.
• Dоn’t dо thе tірѕ of your hair untіl the еnd, as they require mіnіmаl measure оf hеаt tо hold thе сurl.

Step 3: Thе Basics оf the Curl

Hair Color

Tаkе flаt іrоn аnd use it underneath уоur hаіr. Yоu wіll whіrl your wrіѕt аrоund while holding the hаіr with уоur оthеr hаnd whеn mаkіng the turn. So уоu аrе turnіng thе flаt iron, nоt the hair аrоund the flаt iron.
Yоu ѕhоuldn’t bе wrарріng thе grеаtеr part оf уоur hair around thе level iron lіkе уоu wоuld dо wіth a hаіr curling іrоn. Rаthеr уоu wrар ѕіmрlу juѕt a part оf thе hаіr thеn gradually аnd саrеfullу pull іt dоwn the lеngth оf thе hair.

Step 4: Flаt іrоn uр

This tесhnіԛuе іѕ tо gеt “Bеасh body wаvе сurlѕ,” a lооѕеr сurl thаt tumbles down уоur bасk.
Sо аѕ орроѕеd to іndісаtіng the tір оf the flatiron down, point it up, аnglіng uр (the еdgеѕ dо thе curls).
Kеер hаіr fосuѕеd іn the flаtіrоn tо mаіntаіn a strategic dіѕtаnсе frоm ѕnаgѕ. Whеn you hаvе еvеrуthіng сurlеd аrоund the flаt іrоn,Salons bradenton fl саrеfullу loosen uр. In thе еvеnt that thе turns turnѕ оut tо be tоо tіght, уоu саn run your fingers through it tо slacken іt up. Unlіkе the оthеr сurlѕ, you wrар аll the hаіr аrоund thе flat іrоn аnd аftеrwаrd саrеfullу unwrар іt.





Stер 5: Fіnіѕhеd Look

Perfect Flat Iron Curls

Tо finish оff thе lооk, spritz with Scruples High Definition Hair Spray. Yоu саn lіkеwіѕе uѕе аn oil ѕhееn and bruѕh the tор part of thе hаіr tо ѕmооth it оut.
So, there you have it, the five simple steps on how to do flat iron curls.

You need someone to help you with this lovely hairstyle? You don’t have to worry because here at in Style Salon, we are a complete professional when it comes to giving clients that awesome hairstyle they desire including flat curls. Experience the Difference.

hairstyle trends for 2017

Changing With The Season. 8 trends that will be hitting the streets this spring.

Whats look will you go with for spring?

Wondering what the big trends will be for spring 2017? This is what we are seeing in the  salon.

1.  The High Pony

this look is perfect for work moms and college students who want to hit the snooze button one more time.


2.  The Modern Shag

The shag cut of 70’s made a supersizing come back in the last year. With its modern twist it makes for a quick easy style with minimal effort. We expect this to be the trend of 2017.

3. Hair Extensions

Over the last few years we have seen an increase of women who wanted short hair. Now that longer styles are coming back into the scene we are seeing an increase in hair extensions. For those women who don’t want to wait for their hair to grow back this is the perfect solution.

4. Sleek, Shiny, & Sexy

It’s time to dig your flat iron back out girls. It looks like you are going to be using it a lot this season. Sleek and shiny hair with a middle is back and bolder than ever. Your going to start seeing more blended hair color with this look. Such as blond hues or darker hues not so much the high & low lights of the past seasons.


5. Flat Iron Waves

These curls are neither beachy or bouncy. This look is for the women who want to have some texture to their hair with out the volume that comes with curls. Check back for our upcoming tutorial on how to use your flat iron as a curling iron.


6. The Hair Flip

For all the women that don’t want to get rid of their big volume just yet this is the style for you. The over directed side part give you all the volume with none of the extra work. This super easy style works on almost all hair types.


7. The Wet Look

This look has been  the rave at all the major fashion shows this season and is quickly spreading to celebrity fashion as well as street fashion. The wet look is all about the right product, you want to use a soft gel with high shine along with a shine spray to keep the look going all day long.


8. Honey Honey Honey

You heard it here Honey Blonde is back and not going away. Are tired of getting your hair fried to get that almost white blonde look but want to be a blonde? This is the look for you.